PKM Elchingen - Präzisionsteile aus Kunststoff und Metall

Tool manufacture – tool making for all requirements

An in-house tool maker ensures a high level of flexibility. We offer "full-service" in the real meaning of the word – our own in-house construction, tool making, prototyping, finished parts in smaller or longer runs. And of course we also take care of dispatch too – just in time, naturally.

Size of worktable:

900 x 480 mm
Intake: SK 40
Weight of workpiece: max. 400 kg
Number of revolutions: max. 5000 U/min
Process distances: x= 600 mm / y=400mm / z=450 mm
Tool changer: 20 Werkzeuge

Wire and sinker clearing
Tools and belt production
Depth of cut: to 200mm/interrupted to 100mm & 30°
Diagonal cut: possible
Wire gauges: 0.10 to 0.25 mm
Expanse of clamping: 400 x 300 mm
Process distances: x= 300 mm / y= 200 mm


Puncture grinding/ straight cylindrical grinding
Grinding plate Ø: 500 mm
Width of grinding plate: 200 mm
Workpiece Ø: 60 mm
Length of workpiece max.: 500 mm
Plain (CNC)
Clamp pressure/ Between centres
Grinding plate Ø: 480 mm
Width of grinding plate: 80 mm
Workpiece Ø: 90 mm
Length of workpiece max: 400 mm
Plain grinding
Magnetic gripping surface: 500 x 200 mm